About Mekilect

Mekilect started in 2009 by Matt Bockman as a service to design and repair custom research equipment for academic research use. Matt’s multi-faceted engineering capabilities enabled him to produce all of the components of the custom equipment, from the electronics, to the software, to the machined parts.

Matt worked out of his home while attending graduate school at the University of California, San Diego. After finishing his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Matt incorporated Mekilect, LLC. and opened up shop in January of 2012.

In order to facilitate rapid prototyping, Matt acquired his own 1994 Fadal 4020 (January 2012). In June of 2012, Matt completed his first aerospace machining job as a subcontract from another manufacturer. This marked the beginning of Mekilect’s “job shop” portion of the business. Mekilect started producing a wide range of products for multiple customers.

As of December, 2012, Mekilect is in the process of implementing the AS9100 standard, so that Mekilect may better cater to its aerospace customers.